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Hot Rod Rumble (1957)

The scene is a party somewhere in teenland: Big Arnie (Richard Hartunian) is uncouth and dresses flashy. His chick, Terri (Leigh Snowden,) tells him to clean up and he tells her to forget it. She does just that, riding home with Hank (Larry Dolgin), another member of the Red Devils hot rod club.

On the way, a car (which looks suspiciously like Big Arnie) drives them off the road and Hank is killed.

Did Arnie do it? If he didn’t, who did?

Only on the day of the “big race” is the mystery resolved and the ending happy.

Another ‘loose youth’ entry from Allied Artists, complete with actual footage of the Pomona dragstrip.

Terri Warren
Leigh Snowden
Arnie Crawford
Richard Hartunian
Ray Johnson
Wright King
Benny (Club President)
Joey Forman
Jim Lawrence
Brett Halsey
Hank Adams
Larry Dolgin
John Brinkley
Ma Crawford
Dorothy Adams
Arnie’s Boss
Than Wyenn
Joseph Mell

Leslie H. Martinson