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House on Haunted Hill (1958)

Watson Pritchard’s 100-year-old haunted mansion has already been the scene of seven murders when Frederick Loren (Vincent Price) and his wife, Annabelle (Carol Ohmart), rent the home for a one-night “haunted house” party . . . and that’s when the horror begins.

houseonhauntedhill_002In terms of sheer silly spookiness, this William Castle production has never been equalled, as Vincent Price tries to scare overnight guests to death at a creepy mansion.

Originally featuring “Emergo” – a plastic skeleton flown over people’s heads in the audience – the script matches that gimmick in terms of subtlety.

But there’s no denying that Castle’s directorial crassness does actually supply some genuinely frightening moments.

Decapitated heads, witches and acid vats add even more fun to this slick shocker that’s performed with zest by Price and Elisha Cook Jr, who plays a paranoid drunk.

Frederick Loren
Vincent Price
Annabelle Loren
Carol Ohmart
Lance Schroeder
Richard Long
Dr David Trent
Alan Marshal
Nora Manning
Carolyn Craig
Watson Pritchard
Elisha Cook Jr

William Castle