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How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)

How to Marry a Millionaire teamed Marilyn Monroe with Lauren Bacall and the great Betty Grable as three gorgeous gold diggers with a playgirl penthouse and a plan to trap three millionaires to pay the rent.

Grable is the funniest of the ladies as she pursues skittish Fred Clark to a ski lodge in Maine, naively thinking she’s on her way to an Elks convention.


Bacall, as the caustic “brain” who plunges after William Powell, is a bit too cold and biting for her own good.

But Marilyn, as a near-sighted confection constantly walking into walls without her glasses, has the spirit of farce perfectly in focus. Not much substance, but lots of style.

Marilyn Monroe
‘Loco’ Dempsey

Betty Grable
Schatze Page
Lauren Bacall
Freddie Denmark
David Wayne
Rory Calhoun
Tom Brookman
Cameron Mitchell
Waldo Brewster
Fred Clark
J.D. Hanley
William Powell
J. Stewart Merrill
Alexander D’arcy
Mike, the elevator man
George Dunn
Percy Helton
Mr Otis
Tudor Owen
Maurice Marsac
Rankin Mansfield
Jan Arvan
George Saurel
Mrs Salem
Hope Landin

Jean Negulesco