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Hunted (1952)

Hunted portrayed the flight and pursuit across England of seaman Chris Lloyd (Dirk Bogarde), on the run after killing his wife’s lover, accompanied by young orphaned Scottish boy Robbie Campbell (Jon Whiteley) who has absconded from his foster home.

A curious hybrid of The 39 Steps and Bicycle Thieves, this cross-country adventure stop-starts too often to engross. But it benefits from the effortless rapport between Bogarde and Whiteley as the pair of runaways whose friendship is forged in adversity.

Director Charles Crichton makes the most of the various locales, but there’s a predictability about the round of encounters and escapes. The conclusion, however, is pleasingly unsentimental.

Released in some markets as The Stranger in Between.

Chris Lloyd
Dirk Bogarde
Robbie Campbell
Jon Whiteley
Magda Lloyd
Elizabeth Sellars
Mrs Sykes
Kay Walsh
Mr Sykes
Frederick Piper
Jack Lloyd
Julian Somers
Mrs Campbell
Jane Aird
Mr Campbell
Jack Stewart
Detective Inspector Deakin
Geoffrey Keen
Detective Sergeant Grayson
Douglas Blackwell
Alec Finter

Charles Crichton