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Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary (1953)

Laurie Vining (Bonar Colleano, hired to provide international appeal) is an American naval officer stationed in England.

He is getting ready to go on his honeymoon with his new wife, Gillian (Diana Decker) when his gorgeous blonde ex-wife Candy (Diana Dors) shows up and insists that their American divorce is not valid in England so legally they’re still married.

Afraid to tell Gillian about the situation, Laurie stashes Candy in the hotel suite’s guest bedroom and calls in his girl-shy, birdwatching British lawyer, Frank Betterton (David Tomlinson).

Sid James – entertaining as an American serviceman (though his accent sometimes flips between American, Cockney and South African) bolsters the film – filmed at Nettlefold Studios in Walton-on-Thames – with sturdy performances.

It’s a classic bedroom farce – lots of door-slamming and hiding in wardrobes – with a lively script (based on a successful West End play) and Diana Dors steals the show, proving once again that she was much, much more than the ‘sex symbol’ she was marketed as.

Commander Laurie Vining
Bonar Colleano
Gillian Vining
Diana Decker
Frank Betterton
David Tomlinson
Candy Markham
Diana Dors
Hank Hanlon
Sidney James
Audrey Freeman
Admiral Fields
MacDonald Parke
Hubert Woodward
Captain Noakes
Lou Jacobi
Lieutenant Babs Browning
Eileen Sands
Young Lieutenant
Warren Stanhope
Peter Butterworth

Maurice Elvey