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It Started with a Kiss (1959)

Air Force sergeant Joe Fitzpatrick (Glenn Ford) meets and marries wacky knockout model Maggie Putnam (Debbie Reynolds) on the eve of getting shipped out to Spain, so when she cables him that she is coming with a surprise, he assumes she’s pregnant.

Instead, she arrives with a one-of-a-kind car he’s won in a raffle (a 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept car) and now it’s bringing him unwanted attention from the Air Force, who see it as a vulgar display of American wealth.

It is also putting him in the 90% tax bracket and he now faces a tax bill of over $17,000 – not ideal when your wife is the kind of person who spends over $1,000 on one shopping trip.

Meanwhile, smitten toreador Antonio Soriano (Gustavo Rojo) throws his hat into the ring – showing interest in both the car and Maggie – adding to the confusion.

Buoyed by a strong supporting cast while treading the line between frisky and risqué, this mostly innocent pre-sex comedy shows off the film’s Spanish locations and superb production design to fine effect.

And if the car looks familiar, it should – it was later used as the basis for the Batmobile!

Sgt. Joe Fitzpatrick
Glenn Ford
Maggie Putnam
Debbie Reynolds
Marquesa Marion de la Rey
Eva Gabor
Antonio Soriano
Gustavo Rojo
Maj. Gen. Tim O’Connell
Fred Clark
Congressman Richard Tappe
Edgar Buchanan
Charles Meriden
Harry Morgan
Congressman Muir
Robert Warwick
Mrs Tappe
Frances Bavier
Mrs Muir
Netta Packer
The Major
Robert Cunningham
Sally Meriden
Alice Backes
Carmen Phillips

George Marshall