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It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958)

So you thought Alien was an original? Well here’s its prototype, complete with a spaceship whose crew includes two women, an alien that looks like the creature from the Black Lagoon, the gradual elimination of the crew, and an alien that stows away on the flight returning to Earth.

Set in the future (1973) and revolving around the first manned expedition to Mars, the film is not at all bad by B Movie standards.

Colonel Edward Carruthers
Marshall Thompson
Ann Anderson
Shirley Patterson (as Shawn Smith)
Colonel Van Heusen
Kim Spalding
Mary Royce
Ann Doran
Eric Royce
Dabbs Greer
Lt. James Calder
Paul Langton
Major John Purdue
Robert Bice
Bob Finelli
Richard Benedict
Gino Finelli
Richard Hervey
Joe Kienholz
Thom Carney
Ray Corrigan

Edward L. Cahn