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Kidnappers, The (1953)

Scotsman Jim MacKenzie (Duncan Macrae) lives in a primitive homestead in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia where he is raising his two grandsons, Harry (Jon Whiteley) and Davy (Vincent Winter who steals every scene he is in), following the death of their father in the Boer War.

As a result of his son’s death, Jim hates the Dutch, which leads to Harry brawling at school with the son of a Dutchman.

Harry falls down a cliff and is helped home by the local doctor, Willem Bloem (Theodore Bikel), a Dutchman who is in love with MacKenzie’s daughter, Kirsty (Adrienne Corri) with whom he is having a clandestine romance.

Forbidden by their grandfather to have a dog, Harry and Davy “kidnap” an unattended baby and care for the child in a deserted shack as their ‘pet’.

Filmed at Pinewood Studios and on location in the Scottish Highlands, this beautiful black & white film is a masterpiece of British cinema. It was released in the USA as The Little Kidnappers.

Director Philip Leacock was also responsible for the tremendous Reach for Glory (1962).

Jim MacKenzie (Granddaddy)
Duncan Macrae
Grandma MacKenzie
Jean Anderson
Jon Whiteley
Vincent Winter
Kirsty MacKenzie
Adrienne Corri
Dr Willem Bloem
Theodore Bikel
Jan Hooft Sr.
Francis De Wolff
Arron McNab
James Sutherland
Andrew McCleod
John Rae
Jack Stewart
Tom Cameron
Jameson Clark
Sam Howie
Eric Woodburn
Jan Hooft Jr.
Christopher Beeny
Archibald Jenkins
Howard Connell

Philip Leacock