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Killers From Space (1954)

Dr Douglas Martin (Peter Graves) is a nuclear scientist working on atomic bomb tests. While collecting aerial data on an atomic blast at Soledad Flats, he loses control of his aircraft and crashes.

He survives unhurt and walks back to the airbase with no memory of what happened – but on his chest is a strange scar that wasn’t there before the crash.

Martin acts so strangely at the base hospital that the air force calls in the FBI to investigate, fearing he might be an impostor. He is eventually cleared but told to take some time off.

When an atomic test is conducted without his knowledge, Martin steals the data, then hides it in Soledad Flats.

Back at the hospital, he is given truth serum and tells a story about dying in the aircraft crash and being revived and held captive by space aliens, led by Denab, in their underground base.

The aliens – from the planet Astron Delta and ruled by a being called The Tala – plan to exterminate the human race using giant insects and reptiles, grown with the radiation absorbed from our own atomic bomb tests.

The aliens then wiped his memory and hypnotised him into collecting the data for them.

The FBI agent (Steve Pendleton) and the base commander (James Seay) are sceptical of this incredible story and keep Martin confined at the hospital.

With calculations made using a slide rule, Martin determines that if he shuts off the power to Soledad Flats for just 10 seconds, it will create an overload in the aliens’ equipment. So he escapes from the hospital and goes to the nearby electrical power plant, where he forces a technician to turn off the power.

After 10 seconds, the alien base is destroyed in a massive explosion, saving the Earth from conquest.


Dr Doug Paul Martin
Peter Graves
Ellen Martin
Barbara Bestar
Col. Banks
James Seay
Steve Pendleton
Dr Curt Kruger
Frank Gerstle
Deneb/The Tala
John Frederick
Maj. Clift
Shep Menken
Sgt. Powers
Ron Kennedy
Sgt. Bandero
Burt Wenland
Miss Vincent
Ruth Bennett
Mark Scott

W. Lee Wilder