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King Solomon’s Mines (1950)

Adventure based on the classic novel by H Rider Haggard, starring Deborah Kerr and Stewart Granger.

It is 1897 and Elizabeth Curtis (Kerr) is on a desperate search to find her husband, Harry, who disappeared in the depths of Africa while seeking the fabulous King Solomon’s diamond mines.


She enlists the help of Allan Quatermain (Granger), a famous guide, who reluctantly agrees to take her and her brother on the perilous journey.

The film is full of animal action, frenzied tribesmen and sentimental love scenes, with Compton Bennett directing the static bits and Andrew Marton handling the African exteriors.

First filmed in 1937, this lively remake won Oscars for its colour photography and editing.

Elizabeth Curtis
Deborah Kerr
Allan Quatermain
Stewart Granger
John Goode
Richard Carlson
Van Brun/Smith
Hugo Haas
Eric Masters
Lowell Gilmore
Chief Umbopa
Chief Gagool
King Twala

Compton Bennett
Andrew Marton