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Kronos (1957)

What appears to be a meteorite crashes into the sea off the coast of Mexico.

After a few days and nights of mysterious lights and noises, a giant machine – ‘Kronos’, which is made of metallic cubes – emerges from the ocean. It turns out it’s the creation of an alien race which is here to syphon energy from the earth.

Kronos begins a destructive march across the country, draining power from everything it encounters – including an atom bomb which the Air Force drops on it – and the more energy it absorbs the more fantastically large the machine becomes.

The story is clever and involving and the plot is unique.

The science is wrong, of course, and the scientists (John Emery, Jeff Morrow, George O’Hanlon and Morris Ankrum) are laughable, but the special effects – by FX wizards Jack Rabin, Irving Block, and Louis DeWitt – are superb for the time for such a low-budget film.

Dr Leslie Gaskell
Jeff Morrow
Vera Hunter
Barbara Lawrence
Dr Hubbell Eliot
John Emery
Dr Arnold Culver 
George O’Hanlon
Dr Albert Stern
Morris Ankrum
McCrary (pickup driver)
Kenneth Alton
General Perry
John Parrish
Manuel Ramirez
Jose Gonzales-Gonzales
Richard Harrison
Marjorie Stapp
Air Force General
Robert Shayne
Weather Operator
Don Eitner
Gordon Mills

Kurt Neumann