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Laughter in Paradise (1951)

Four beneficiaries of a practical joker’s will are each set to receive a substantial sum of money, but only if they fulfil certain outrageous condition

Films made up of interwoven stories are notoriously difficult to do well, as it’s all too easy either to lose the thread of the difficult episodes or to become impatient with the less substantial ones.

That director Mario Zampi nearly brings off the trick here is almost entirely down to the fantastic performance of Alastair Sim as the henpecked thriller writer, Deniston Russell, whose inheritance depends on him receiving a 28-day jail sentence.

The scene in which he tries to shoplift is one of the funniest in a career overladen with choice comic moments.

The other three episodes aren’t bad, it’s just that Sim’s is exceptional.

The film was remade in 1970 as the infinitely inferior Some Will, Some Won’t with Ronnie Corbett, Leslie Phillips and Michael Hordern.

Deniston Russell
Alastair Sim
Agnes Russell
Fay Compton
Lucille Grayson
Beatrice Campbell
Joan Webb
Veronica Hurst
Simon Russell
Guy Middleton
Herbert Russell
George Cole
Sir Charles Robson
A E Matthews
Elizabeth Robson
Joyce Grenfell
Roger Godfrey
Anthony Steel
Gordon Webb
John Laurie
Sheila Wilcott
Eleanor Summerfield
Mr Wagstaffe
Ronald Adam
Police sergeant
Leslie Dwyer
Ernest Thesiger

Henry Russell

Hugh Griffith
Michael Pertwee
Cigarette girl
Audrey Hepburn

Mario Zampi