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Life Begins at 17 (1958)

Rich college fraternity boy Russ Lippincott (Mark Damon) tries to get small-town beauty contest winner Elaine Peck (Dorothy Johnson) to fall for him by making a play for her 16-year-old sister, Carol (Luana Anders).

This “family drama of adolescent love” has some of the worst acting and dialogue ever committed to celluloid.

In real life, Dorothy Johnson was crowned Miss Oregon in 1955 and was first runner-up in the Miss America Pageant of 1956.

Russ Lippincott
Mark Damon
Elaine Peck
Dorothy Johnson
Carol Peck
Luana Anders
Jim Barker
Edd Byrnes
Virginia Peck
Ann Doran
Harry Peck
Hugh Sanders
Patricia ‘Pooky’ Peck
Cathy O’Neill
Mr Lippincott
George Eldredge
Earl Williamson
Tommy Ivo
Allen Sperry
Bob Dennis
George Tewksbury
Robert Moechel

Arthur Dreifuss