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Live Fast, Die Young (1958)

Sisters Kim and Jill Winters live in a dysfunctional family with a drunken unemployed father. Mum had left town with a travelling salesman.

The elder sister, “nice girl” Kim (Mary Murphy) had been sexually abused by one of her father’s drunken friends as a teenager and hates men. Rebellious teen Jill (Norma Eberhardt) is fed-up generally and runs away, falling in with a gang of crooks led by Rick (Mike Connors) and Artie (Troy Donahue).

Meanwhile, Kim leaves her waitress job and her dad, Pop Winters (Gordon Jones,) and goes in search of Jill. Along the way, she encounters handsome and kindly truck driver Jerry (Sheridan Comerate).

Kim discovers Jill working with Artie as Christmas help at a small post office, where they are planning on robbing the place of $150,000 of diamonds that are being sent there.

Released in some markets as Seed of Violence.

Kim Winters (Narrator)
Mary Murphy
Jill Winters
Norma Eberhardt
Mike Connors
Sheridan Comerate
Sue Hawkins
Peggy Maley
Fred Knox
Jay Jostyn
Artie Sanders/Artie Smith
Troy Donahue
Carol Varga
Judy Tobin
Joan Marshall
Pop Winters
Gordon Jones
Tommy ‘Tubbs’ Thompson
Robert Karnes
Frank Castellani
Robert Carson
John McNamara
Jake (hobo)
John Harmon
Sam (Hotel Clerk)
Norman Leavitt

Paul Henreid