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Love in Pawn (1953)

Canadian Bernard Braden stars as Roger Fox, a penniless artist who is unable to provide for his wife Jean (Braden’s real-life wife Barbara Kelly) in the way she has become accustomed.

Jean’s Uncle Amos (Laurence Naismith) agrees to finance them if Roger produces more commercial pieces of artwork. However they need funds quickly for some necessary repairs to the houseboat where they live on the Thames, so Jean decides to pawn her husband for a fiver.

Unfortunately, Jean loses the ticket for the loan and so Roger remains on the shelf in the pawnshop until a new family decides to pick him up.

However, his new family, the Trussloves, seem to really like him, particularly daughter Amber (Jean Carson) who does what she can to seduce him. Soon the situation becomes a national sensation, as Jean is reluctant to retrieve her now confused husband.

The film was a commercial disaster and virtually killed Braden and Kelly’s film career for several years.

Roger Fox
Bernard Braden
Jean Fox
Barbara Kelly
Albert Trusslove
Reg Dixon
Amber Trusslove
Jean Carson
Mrs Trusslove
Avice Landone
Mr McCutcheon
John Laurie
Uncle Amos
Laurence Naismith
Hilary Stitfall
Walter Crisham
Dorothy Gordon
Arnold Bibcock
Alan Robinson
Fred Pollock
Tom Gill
Hal Osmond
Agatha Trumble
Benita Lydal
Ronnie Stevens
Kathleen Stuart

Charles Saunders