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Love Me or Leave Me (1955)

Love Me or Leave Me is a powerful MGM musical that established Doris Day as a first-rate dramatic actress with an impressive emotional range.

This scalding biography of Ruth Etting, nightclub singer and Follies star, was a front-runner in the Oscar race of 1955.

Shedding the girl-next-door image, Doris shared acting honours with James Cagney, as the Chicago hoodlum Marty “The Gimp” Snyder, who dominated and wrecked the singer’s life, then pumped a barrage of bullets into the piano player she really loved.

Together they make an uncommonly interesting and dramatic couple for a musical film.

Nobody gets lathered and shellacked for the sake of an MGM finale; the characters were honestly written and portrayed for the ruthless, ambitious, miserable low-lives they really were, and Doris never sang better.  A brittle gem.

Ruth Etting
Doris Day
Martin (Marty) ‘The Gimp’ Snyder
James Cagney
Johnny Alderman
Cameron Mitchell
Bernard V. Loomis
Robert Keith
Tom Tully
Harry Bellaver
Paul Hunter
Richard Gaines
Fred Taylor
Peter Leeds
Eddie Fulton
Claude Stroud
Jingle Girl
Audrey Young
Greg Trent
John Harding

Charles Victor