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Maggie, The (1954)

The Maggie is a tiny old puffer boat based on the River Clyde that is nearly ready for the scrap heap.

In a last-ditch effort to come up with funds to save the old boat, Captain MacTaggart (Alex Mackenzie) cons brash American airline magnate Calvin B Marshall (Paul Douglas) into using the boat to transport his household items from Glasgow to his new residence on a remote Scottish island – although the boat has a clapped-out engine and is too small, too slow and altogether inappropriate to make the journey.

When Marshall realises he’s been had, he chases after the boat in an aeroplane to retrieve his cargo and the film follows their adventures and calamities as they try to deliver the merchandise.

The Maggie is one of the lesser Ealing comedies, albeit a cheerful, charming and gentle one. The photography is excellent, and the acting is also very good.

The Maggie was played by two boats in the film – the Boer and the Inca. The film was released in some markets as High and Dry.

Calvin B. Marshall
Paul Douglas
Captain MacTaggart
Alex Mackenzie
The Mate
James Copeland
The Engineer
Abe Barker
Tommy Kearins
Hubert Gregg
Geoffrey Keen
Miss Peters
Dorothy Alison
Andrew Keir
Meg Buchanan
The Laird
Mark Dignam
Dirty Dan
Jameson Clark
C.S.S. Skipper
Moultrie Kelsall
Fiona Clyne
Sheila Shand Gibbs

Alexander Mackendrick