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Man From Planet X, The (1951)

Elderly scientist Professor Elliot (Raymond Bond) has discovered that a new planet – “Planet X” – has changed its orbital path and will soon come dangerously close to the Earth.

American reporter John Lawrence (Robert Clarke) goes to the northernmost reaches of Scotland to meet with the professor and tell the world of his findings.

He meets Enid (Margaret Field – Sally ‘s mother), the professor’s young, beautiful daughter – who he had known previously as a gawky child – and Dr Mears (William Schallert before he became Dobie Gillis’ teacher), a scientist with a criminal past who is staying at the Professor’s castle because of their former relationship as teacher and pupil.

Filmed in six days for less than $50,000 by low-budget genius Edgar G. Ulmer, this camp film is one of the scariest horror/science fiction films and manages to make a virtue of every budget shortcut Ulmer was forced to take.

The atmospheric sets – with old sets from Joan of Arc (1948) now doubling as Scottish moors and a castle – are excessively foggy to hide their phoniness.

But the imaginative spacecraft – a diving-bell-like object resembling an upside-down aluminium ice-cream cone – and pathos-evoking blank-faced alien are unforgettable.

The motives of the little alien are unclear throughout the film until a hypnoidal Dr Mears spills the beans near the end.

John Lawrence
Robert Clarke
Enid Elliot
Margaret Field
Professor Elliot
Raymond Bond
Dr Mears
William Schallert
Constable Tommy
Roy Engel
Inspector Porter
David Ormont
Sgt. Ferris
Franklyn Farnum
Dr Robert Blane
Gilbert Fallman
Tom Daly
Man from Planet X 
Pat Goldin

Edgar G. Ulmer