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I Married A Monster From Outer Space (1958)

A distraught Marge Farrell (Gloria Talbott) is growing increasingly alarmed over the changes in her new husband Bill (Tom Tryon), who’s been acting strangely ever since their wedding night.


And for good reason: Bill – and most of the other men in the small town of Norrisville – have been taken over by sinister aliens who have arrived on planet Earth to marry human women with the hope of reviving their dying race.

Marge has stumbled onto their terrifying plan, and must now convince someone – anyone –  to believe her before the aliens completely inhabit the bodies of the entire male population.

Bill Farrell
Tom Tryon
Marge Bradley Farrell
Gloria Talbott
Officer Hank Swanson
Peter Baldwin
Harry Phillips
Robert Ivers
Ted Hanks
Chuck Wassil
Valerie Allen
Mac Brody
Ty Hardin
Dr Wayne
Ken Lynch
Police Captain HB Collins
John Eldredge
Sam Benson
Alan Dexter
James Anderson
Helen Rhodes
Jean Carson
Officer Schultz
Jack Orrison
Charles Mason
Steve London
Max Grady
Maxie Rosenbloom

Gene Fowler Jr.