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Mummy, The (1959)

Following Frankenstein and Dracula, director Terence Fisher exhumed another vintage monster for Hammer, albeit in a film where everyone risks being upstaged by a swamp.

Archaeologists Stephen Banning (Felix Aylmer) and his son John (Peter Cushing) disturb an Egyptian tomb and invoke a terrible curse.

Back in England, they are tracked down by a Mummy (Christopher Lee), guardian of an embalmed princess, who is seeking to kill those who desecrated the sacred tomb.

Any scene based around the aforementioned swamp is a winner. Sadly the ‘Egypt’ set looks like it might have ended up on ’70s sitcom It Ain’t Half Hot Mum.

John Banning
Peter Cushing
Christopher Lee
Yvonne Furneaux
Stephen Banning
Felix Aylmer
Joseph Whemple
Raymond Huntley
Inspector Mulrooney
Eddie Byrne
Mehemet Bey
George Pastell
Harold Goodwin
Denis Shaw
Dr Reilly
Willoughby Gray
Frank Sieman

Terence Fisher