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Naked Truth, The (1957)

Suave Nigel Dennis (Dennis Price) is an ambitious publisher who decides to get rich quickly by producing a scandal magazine called The Naked Truth and exposing the seamy side of the lives of four well-known people.

The projected victims argue and plead with the publisher, but he only laughs at them. One by one, they hatch “foolproof” plans to rid themselves of Dennis the Menace . . .

This zany comedy gave Peter Sellers a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate his mastery of disguises and cemented his position as a world-class comic actor.

Released in some markets as Your Past Is Showing.

Lord Mayley
Sonny Macgregor
Peter Sellers
Flora Ransom
Peggy Mount
Melissa Right
Shirley Eaton
Nigel Dennis
Dennis Price
Lady Mayley
Georgina Cookson
Ethel Ransom
Joan Sims
Rev. Bastable
Miles Malleson
Kenneth Griffith
Bill Murphy
Bill Edwards

Mario Zampi