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Night and the City (1950)

This classic example of film noir revolves around Harry Fabian (Richard Widmark), a sneering, sulking, small-time American grifter with delusions of grandeur who decides to try and get rich via the world of wrestling promotion in London.

Gene Tierney plays his sweet and loyal (though she has no reason to be) girlfriend, Mary.

Fabian sees a way to make a power grab on local mobster Kristo (Herbert Lom) by schmoozing with his father, a legendary Greek wrestler known as Gregorius (played by real-life wrestler Stanislaus Zbyszko).

In doing so, he sets himself up for a final dangerous confrontation.

Nobody comes out of it unscathed.

Harry Fabian
Richard Widmark
Mary Bristol
Gene Tierney
Helen Nosseross
Googie Withers
Adam Dunn
Hugh Marlowe
Philip Nosseross
Francis L. Sullivan
Herbert Lom
Stanislaus Zbyszko
The Strangler
Mike Mazurki
Mickey Beer
Charles Farrell
Molly the Flower Lady
Ada Reeve
Nikolas of Athens
Ken Richmond

Jules Dassin