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Night of the Ghouls (1959)

Detective Lt. Dan Bradley (Duke Moore) interrupts his opera night to investigate strange sightings of ghosts at a remote farmhouse where a mad doctor had experimented with monsters several years earlier. Along with him goes faint-hearted patrolman Kelton (Paul Marco).

They find fake spiritualist Dr Karl Acula (Kenne Duncan) is running a spiritualist con game, scamming people into thinking they can contact dead relatives for a hefty fee.

Karl’s conniving girlfriend Sheila (Valda Hansen) cruises the grounds like a ghost for an undisclosed reason, and Karl has the goonish, giant Lobo as a henchman.

As the cops close in on Karl’s racket, it becomes clear that there are other ghosts haunting the premises that are not Dr Acula’s cheap illusions.

The acting is bad, the sets are bland, and while Ed Wood’s direction is slightly more competent than some of his more celebrated films, it is less fun than his previous goofy pictures with their laugh-a-minute ineptitude.

Dr Karl Acula
Kenne Duncan
Lieutenant Daniel Bradford
Duke Moore
Tor Johnson
The White Ghost (Sheila)
Valda Hansen
Captain Robbins
John Carpenter
Patrolman Kelton
Paul Marco
Don Nagel
Bud Osborne
The Black Ghost
Jeannie Stevens
Harvey B. Dunn
Margaret Mason
Mrs Wingate Yates Foster
Marcelle Hemphill
Foster Ghost
Tom Mason
James La Maida

Edward D. Wood Jr.