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Odongo (1956)

Shapely red-headed Pamela Muir (Rhonda Fleming), a veterinarian from Pittsburgh, travels to Kenya to work with big-game hunter Steve Stratton (Macdonald Carey) who collects animals for zoos and circuses.

The exotic animals Steve hunts and collects are precious to his spirited young Indian employee, Odongo (Juma).

When another worker, Walla (Dan Jackson), is fired, he attacks Odongo, whose pet chimp comes to his rescue.

The angry Walla frees all the animals from their pens and starts a fire.

Odongo is accused by Steve, then is taken hostage by Walla and pushed from a cliff into crocodile-infested waters.

Steve jumps in to save him, while Walla fatally encounters one of Odongo’s animals while trying to escape.

Pamela Muir
Rhonda Fleming
Steve Stratton
Macdonald Carey
Celia Watford
Eleanor Summerfield
George Watford
Francis De Wolff
Earl Cameron
Dan Jackson
Lester Watford
Michael Caridia
Mr Bawa
Errol John
Game Warden
Leonard Sachs
Paul Hardtmuth
Bartholomew Sketch
Leni’s Brother
Lionel Ngakane

John Gilling