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Operation Bullshine (1959)

Assigned to an all-women anti-aircraft ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) unit on the English coast, handsome Lt. Gordon Brown (Donald Sinden) keeps the fact that he is married a secret so that he can join Major Pym (Naunton Wayne) in chasing after the female soldiers under his command.

During a training session, Brown discovers that his wife Pvt. Betty Brown (Barbara Murray) has secretly moved to the unit, which means he now has to battle the enemy and keep Betty from meeting his lover.

Dora Bryan loses her skirt on parade, while Peter Jones is a weapons enthusiast with an unintelligible Stanley Unwin-type patter.

It’s a pretty feeble comedy overall, and won’t win any fans amongst our modern liberated womenfolk.

Lt. Gordon Brown
Donald Sinden
Major Pym
Naunton Wayne
Pvt. Betty Brown
Barbara Murray
Pvt. Marge White
Carole Lesley
Gunner Slocum
Ronald Shiner
Pvt. Cox
Dora Bryan
Gunner Willie Ross
John Cairney
Junior Commander Maddox
Fabia Drake
Pvt. Finch
Joan Rice
Bombardier Peter Palmer
Daniel Massey
Gunner Perkins
Peter Jones
Sgt. Merrifield
Barbara Hicks
John Welsh
PT Instructor
Judy Grinham
Orderly Sergeant
Cyril Chamberlain

Gilbert Gunn