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Operation Petticoat (1959)

The US submarine Sea Tiger is severely damaged in the first days of WWII, before its captain, Lieutenant Commander Matt Sherman (Cary Grant,) has even left port.

Sherman receives permission to attempt a repair and re-floats the sub with the help of his hard-working crew.

Aided by the illicit scavenging talents of his new officer Lt. Holden (Tony Curtis), Sherman sets sail for the safety of Australia.

Along the way they pick up five stranded nurses, causing a minor commotion among the crew and officers.


The devious Holden sets his sights on seducing Lt. Barbara Duran (Dina Merrill) while the other nurses both help and hinder the functioning of the ship.

Major Edna Heywood (Virginia Gregg) turns out to be the perfect machinist’s mate for engineer Sam Tostin (Arthur O’Connell) but Lt. Dolores Crandall (Joan O’Brien) accidentally causes Sherman to misfire a torpedo, spoiling the Sea Tiger‘s one chance at combat glory.

The uncomplicated Operation Petticoat is about as relaxing as a war movie can get and remains a satisfying light comedy.

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Lt Cmdr Matt Sherman
Cary Grant
Lt Nick Holden
Tony Curtis
Lt Dolores Crandall
Joan O’Brien
Lt Barbara Duran
Dina Merrill
Gene Evans
Richard Sargent
Major Edna Hayward
Virginia Gregg
Captain J. B. Henderson
Robert F. Simon
Robert Gist
Ernest Hunkle
Gavin Macleod
The prophet
George Dunn
Dick Crockett
Lt Claire Reid
Madlyn Rhue
Lt Ruth Colfax
Marion Ross
Clarence Lung
Frankie Darro
Tony Pastor Jr
Bob Hoy
Nicky Blair
John Morley
Engineer Sam Tostin
Arthur O’Connell

Blake Edwards