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Pajama Game, The (1957)

A delectable Doris Day stars as the prettiest, smartest, female worker in a pyjama factory whose feminist ideas turn management vs. labour topsy-turvy, in the first of two movie versions of Broadway smash hits by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross (the second was Damn Yankees).

Skilfully transferred to the screen without many changes, Pajama Game has a rousing score, original cast members like Carol Haney (stopping the show again with Steam Heat and Hernando’s Hideaway) and a sexy Doris Day, who proved she could hold her own with the most seasoned Broadway pros.

Best sequence: The once-a-year office picnic, featuring Bob Fosse’s prancing, leaping choreography and some of the most athletic dancers this side of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954). Even the camera seems to do somersaults.

Babe Williams
Doris Day
Sid Sorokin
John Raitt
Gladys Hotchkiss
Carol Haney
Vernon Hines
Eddie Foy Jr
Barbara Nichols
Reta Shaw
Thelma Pelish
Jack Straw
Myron Hasler
Ralph Dunn
Owen Martin
Ralph W. Chambers

George Abbott