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Passport to Shame (1958)

Diana Dors is at her Marilyn Monroe-esque voluptuous peak in this 1958 film drama about prostitution in London. Poured into bum-hugging skirts and Frederick’s of Soho lingerie she plays Vicki, a tart with a heart and a score to settle.

Herbert Lom is London’s supreme pimp, Nick Biaggi. He’s also the reason Vicki is (reluctantly) on the game – she’s trying to earn enough money for plastic surgery for her younger sister’s face which was damaged in a previous acid attack by Nick when her sister had refused to become one of his prostitutes.

Meanwhile, Nick tricks naive French waif Marie Louise ‘Malou’ Beaucaire (Odile Versois) into a life of shame with the aid of his mistress and #1 tart procurer, Aggie (Brenda De Banzie).

Affable tough-guy black cab driver Johnny McVey (Eddie Constantine as the world’s least likely Canadian) appears on the scene – with all his loyal cabbie mates – to do battle with Biaggi and save the day.

A wacky weed-induced dream scene must be seen to be disbelieved, and keep an eye out for a young (and uncredited) Michael Caine as the new groom at a wedding party.

Released in the USA as Room 43.

Diana Dors
Nick Biaggi
Herbert Lom
Johnny McVey
Eddie Constantine
Marie Louise ‘Malou’ Beaucaire
Odile Versois
Brenda de Banzie
Robert Brown
Elwyn Brook-Jones

Alvin Rakoff