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Picnic (1955)

When a drifter arrives in a small Kansas town during Labour Day celebrations and looks up an old college friend, he is invited to participate in the festivities.

There he meets his chum’s stunningly attractive fiancée and instantly falls for her.


The movie earned six Oscar nominations for its daringly frank depiction (by 1950s standards) of the emotional havoc wreaked on the women of the rustic Kansas town when Holden’s sexy itinerant joins their picnic.

Holden was not ideal for the role but nonetheless gave a polished performance as the attractive cat among the pigeons – tomboy Susan Strasberg, frustrated spinster Rosalind Russell and town beauty Kim Novak.

Hal Carter
William Holden
Rosemary Sydney
Rosalind Russell
Flo Owens
Betty Field
Madge Owens
Kim Novak
Millie Owens
Susan Strasberg
Cliff Robertson
Howard Bevans
Arthur O’Connell
Nick Adams

Joshua Logan