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Please Turn Over (1959)

The orderly suburban life of a 1950’s English town is turned on its head when 17-year-old Jo Halliday (Julia Lockwood) writes a steamy bestseller called Naked Revolt, featuring characters obviously based on the local population.

In Jo’s book, her accountant father (Ted Ray) becomes an embezzler and a sugar daddy to his secretary (Dilys Laye), her mother (Jean Kent) is having an affair with a retired military officer who is a family friend (Lionel Jeffries) and her lovelorn aunt (June Jago) is pining for her employer, a doctor who carries on with all his women patients (Leslie Phillips).

Produced by Peter Rogers and directed by Gerald Thomas, the legendary duo responsible for the Carry On series, Please Turn Over also featured familiar comedic actors Colin Gordon, Charles Hawtrey, Ronald Adam and Joan Hickson.

Joan Sims (pictured above) is a riot as the working class cleaner who becomes a French maid in the book.

Edward Halliday
Ted Ray
Janet Halliday
Jean Kent
Dr Henry Manners
Leslie Phillips
Joan Sims
Jo Halliday
Julia Lockwood
Robert Hughes
Tim Seely
Charles Hawtrey
Millicent Jones
Dilys Laye
Ian Howard
Lionel Jeffries
Gladys Worth
June Jago
Colin Gordon
Joan Hickson
Victor Maddern
Mr Appleton
Ronald Adam
Mr Jones
Cyril Chamberlain
Mrs Moore
Myrtle Reed
Mrs Waring
Marianne Stone

Gerald Thomas