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Quatermass Xperiment, The (1955)

This Hammer version of the 1953 television show features a hunt in London for the survivor of a rocket ship who is being transmuted from a human being into a monster capable of reproducing itself at such a rate that in a short time the whole nation could be destroyed.

Professor Bernard Quatermass
Brian Donlevy
Chief Inspector Lomax
Jack Warner
Victor Carroon
Richard Wordsworth
Judith Carroon
Margia Dean
Rosemary ‘Rosie’ Rigley
Thora Hird
TV producer
Gordon Jackson
Dr Gordon Briscoe
David King-Wood
Harold Lang
Lionel Jeffries
Maurice Kaufmann
Charles Green
Gron Davies
Ludwig Reichenheim
Stanley van Beers
Sergeant Bromley
Arthur Lovegrove
Margaret Anderson
Maggie’s father
Henry Longhurst
John Wynn
Toke Townley
Mrs Lomax
Jane Aird
Sir Lionel Dean
Basil Dignam
Little girl with doll
Jane Asher

Val Guest