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Raintree County (1957)

An American Civil War drama revolving around the lives, loves, frustrations, desires and accomplishments of three young people in Raintree County, Indiana.

Montgomery Clift had his car crash midway through the filming of this $6 million production.

John Wickliff Shawnessy
Montgomery Clift
Susanna Drake Shawnessy
Elizabeth Taylor
Nell Gaither
Eva Marie Saint
Professor Jerusalem Webster Stiles
Nigel Patrick
Orville ‘Flash’ Perkins
Lee Marvin
Garwood B. Jones
Rod Taylor
Ellen Shawnessy
Agnes Moorehead
T.D. Shawnessy
Walter Abel
Barbara Drake
Jarma Lewis
Bobby Drake
Tom Drake
Ezra Gray
Rhys Williams
Niles Foster
Russell Collins
Mrs Lydia Gray
Myrna Hansen
Cousin Sam
John Eldredge
Isabelle Cooley
Ruth Attaway
Miss Roman
Eileen Stevens
Rosalind Hayes
Tom Conway
Don Burnett
Nat Franklin
Michael Dugan
Jesse Gardner
Michael Dante
Granpa Peters
Burt Mustin
Madame Gobert
Dorothy Granger

Edward Dmytryk