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Reform School Girl (1957)

In this trashy exploitation picture aimed at the youth market, Gloria Castillo is the kind of well-developed teenager who has only to iron a dress in her underwear to be propositioned by her uncle.

Sent to reform school after refusing to squeal on her car-thief boyfriend, she is victimised and almost murdered before settling down to a more wholesome future.

A pre-77 Sunset Strip Edd Byrnes plays the vicious young criminal and among the bad girls later to become better known are Luana Anders and, if you look hard, Sally Kellerman.

A 1994 remake of sorts starred a pre-Friends Matt LeBlanc.


Donna Price
Gloria Castillo
Edd Byrnes
David Lindsay
Ross Ford
Ralph Reed
Yvette Vickers
Mrs Trimble
Helen Wallace
Donna Jo Gribble
Luana Anders

Edward Bernds