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Reluctant Debutante, The (1958)

It’s “the season” in London, and amid the swirl of coming-out balls, Lord Jimmy Broadbent (Rex Harrison) and his new wife, the second Lady Broadbent, Sheila (Kay Kendall), are intent on giving his American-educated 17-year-old daughter, Jane (Sandra Dee), the right entry into society and a proper upper-class beau: In this case, David Fenner (Peter Myers), a guard at Buckingham Palace.

Unfortunately, flighty Mabel Claremont (Angela Lansbury) is eager to match that same beau with her daughter, Clarissa (Diane Clare).

Jane, of course, also has her own ideas about these matters – and an eye for a guy (John Saxon) who’s a drummer in the dance band.

The Reluctant Debutante is a comedy of societal foibles and follies given spirited direction by Vincente Minnelli and featuring a full dance card of deft badinage.

This was the only movie real-life couple Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall made together during their marriage.

Kendall passed away from cancer the following year at the age of 33.

Jimmy Broadbent
Rex Harrison
Sheila Broadbent
Kay Kendall
Jane Broadbent
Sandra Dee
David Parkson
John Saxon
Mabel Claremont
Angela Lansbury
Clarissa Claremont
Diane Clare
David Fenner
Peter Myers

Vincente Minnelli