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Robot Monster (1953)

Universally derided as one of the worst movies ever made, Robot Monster tells the frightening tale of earth’s invasion by “Ro-Man”, a killer robot from Mars.

Ro-Man unleashes a cosmic ray that wipes out all but eight humans who survive because they have ingested a newly created antibiotic that makes them immune to the lethal powers of the evil alien.


Initially, Ro-Man is hell-bent on destroying the last remaining humans. But his mission is partly undermined by his own feelings of doubt and even love.

Through a video transmitter, he admits to his leader that for the first time in his life he feels unsure of himself. His superior responds, “You sound like a human, not a Ro-Man!”.

Ro-man really loses sight of his duties when he falls for Alice (Claudia Barrett), a fetching and brainy earthling.

Knowing his weakness, Alice sees an opportunity to save the last humans on Earth.

Unfortunately, producer/director Phil Tucker’s budget came up a little short when it was time to create the “terrifying” alien invader, so he improvised by costuming his creature in a gorilla suit and deep-sea diving helmet with antennae.

Filmed in glorious black and white, and made in “Tru-Stereo” 3-D, you’ve gotta see it to believe it!

George Nader
Claudia Barrett
Selena Royle
John Mylong
Gregory Moffett
Pamela Paulson
Ro-Man the Monster
George Barrows (suit)
John Brown (voice)

Phil Tucker