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Scrooge (1951)

Stubbornly refusing to believe in Christmas or to be separated from his inexhaustible wealth, money lender and parsimonious recluse Ebenezer Scrooge (Alastair Sim) can’t be bothered with the poor and destitute in Victorian London at the most festive time of the year.

Intent on spending Christmas Eve alone, the sceptical curmudgeon is visited unexpectedly by the ghost of his ex-partner Jacob Marley (Sir Michael Hordern) who paves the way for a visitation of the otherworldly spirits of Christmas Past (Michael Dolan), Christmas Present (Francis De Wolff), and Christmas Yet to Come (Czeslaw Konarski).

But, what do the pale ghosts want and can a wicked old miser admit the error of his ways?

The title of the film was changed to A Christmas Carol for its American release to match the name of the original Charles Dickens book.

Ebenezer Scrooge
Alastair Sim
Mrs Dilber
Kathleen Harrison
Bob Cratchit
Mervyn Johns
Mrs Cratchit
Hermione Baddeley
Jacob Marley
Michael Hordern
Young Ebenezer Scrooge
George Cole
Peter Cratchit
John Charlesworth
Spirit of Christmas Present
Francis De Wolff
Rona Anderson
Fan Scrooge
Carol Marsh
Brian Worth
Fred’s Wife
Olga Edwardes
Old Joe
Miles Malleson
Ernest Thesiger
Tiny Tim
Glyn Dearman
Spirit of Christmas Past
Michael Dolan
Roddy Hughes
Mrs Fezziwig
Hattie Jacques
Miss Flora
Eleanor Summerfield
Louise Hampton
Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come
Czeslaw Konarski
Mr Snedrig
Eliot Makeham
Peter Bull
Mr Rosehed
Henry Hewitt
Mr Groper
Hugh Dempster
Mr Tupper
Richard Pearson
Young Jacob Marley
Patrick Macnee
Samuel Wilkins
Clifford Mollison
Mr Jorkin
Jack Warner
Martha Cratchit
Moiya Kelly
Mary Cratchit
Lualle Kemp
Belinda Cratchit
Catherine Leach

Brian Desmond Hurst