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Seven Year Itch, The (1955)

The Seven Year Itch features Marilyn Monroe as the dumb blonde next door – she keeps her panties in the fridge and recognises classical music because “there isn’t a vocal” – who drives bachelor-for-the-summer Tom Ewell bananas in the New York heat.

This is the film that stopped traffic in Times Square and made headlines from Brooklyn to Bora Bora when Marilyn stood over a subway grate that was blowing air up the skirt of her pleated dress.

The stunt was originally filmed at 52nd and Lexington Avenue in New York, but it failed to carry the remarkable erotic charge which Wilder later achieved, in one take, in the studio.

The Girl
Marilyn Monroe
Richard Sherman
Tom Ewell
Helen Sherman
Evelyn Keyes
Tom MacKenzie
Sonny Tufts
Mr Kruhulik
Robert Strauss
Dr Brubaker
Oskar Homolka
Miss Morris
Marguerite Chapman
Victor Moore
Dolores ‘Roxanne@ Rosedale
Mr Brady
Donald MacBride
Miss Finch
Carolyn Jones

Billy Wilder