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Siege of Pinchgut, The (1959)

A falsely convicted man joins two other convicts in breaking out of a Sydney prison, but they end up trapped in a fortress in the harbour. While the innocent man is determined to clear his name, his cohorts take the family who look after the fort hostage and train a cannon on the city to ward off the police.

Ealing Studios had already made several films in Australia, including Bitter Springs and The Shiralee.

Among the company’s last productions was this muddled crime drama about an escaped prisoner who wants a new trial, holding captives on the tiny island of Pinchgut (Fort Denison) in the middle of Sydney Harbour.

Aldo Ray was uninspired casting for the central role, creating little sympathy, the authorities behave in a heavy-handed way, and the resolution is rather unsatisfactory.

The film gains a strong documentary look from director Harry Watt’s use of the locations.

Matt Kirk
Aldo Ray
Ann Fulton
Heather Sears
Johnny Kirk
Neil McCallum
Victor Maddern
Carlo Justini
Supt Hanna
Alan Tilvern
Mrs Fulton
Barbara Mullen
Pat Fulton
Gerry Duggan

Harry Watt