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Six Bridges to Cross (1955)

Young Boston gang leader Jerry Florea (Sal Mineo) is shot fleeing from a crime scene in 1933 by rookie cop Ed Gallagher (George Nader) and left sterile as a result of the wounding.

The two develop a mutually beneficial friendship where Jerry (now played by Tony Curtis) gets the benefit of the doubt, and Ed gets information that brings him rapid promotion.

As years go by, Ed’s friendship with the likeable rogue becomes strained and Jerry eventually pulls a huge payroll robbery (based on the Brinks case in Boston) and Ed resolves to nail him once and for all.

Sammy Davis Jr. lost his left eye in a car accident en-route to the recording studio to record vocals for the film’s theme song.

Jerry Florea
Tony Curtis
Edward Gallagher
George Nader
Ellen Gallagher
Julie Adams
Vincent Concannon
Jay C. Flippen
Jerry Florea as a Boy
Sal Mineo
Andy Norris
Jan Merlin
Skids Radzevich
Richard Castle
Red Flanagan
William Murphy
Kendall Clark
Don Keefer
Father Bonelli
Harry Bartell
Tito Vuolo
Jeff Chandler