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Sniper, The (1952)

Eddie Miller (Arthur Franz) is a lovelorn psychopathic killer who has been prematurely released from a prison mental hospital.

He arms himself with a carbine rifle and proceeds to murder a series of brunettes.

When Miller starts sending the police letters asking them to make him stop, the force’s resident bleeding-heart shrink Dr Kent (Richard Kiley) pleads for mercy on the killer’s behalf, but as paranoia grips the citizens of San Francisco the city’s sniper problem grows beyond the case of one sad screw-up.

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Copycats come out of the woodwork while politicians worry about what paying for rehabilitation will do to taxes.

Lieutenant Kafka (Adolphe Menjou) is assigned to the case and has difficulty in tracking down the murderer until he leaves a clue behind, at the scene of his fourth murder.

Eddie Miller 
Arthur Franz
Lt. Kafka
Adolphe Menjou
Sgt. Ferris
Gerald Mohr
Jean Darr
Marie Windsor
Inspector Anderson
Frank Faylen
Dr James B. Kent
Richard Kiley
Mabel Paige
May Nelson
Marlo Dwyer
Geraldine Carr
Jay Novello

Edward Dmytryk