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Some Came Running (1958)

Such was his desperation to save his career that Frank Sinatra had accepted $8,000 for From Here to Eternity (1953).

When he came to headline his second James Jones adaptation, however, he knew that MGM needed his presence after the 1,266-page novel had failed to find critical favour. He secured a three-picture deal worth an unprecedented $400,000 against 10% of the gross.

Yet, this study of small-town manners and sibling rivalry says more about director Vincente Minnelli than Sinatra or co-stars Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine.

Sinatra knew Minnelli through Humphrey Bogart’s Holmby Hills Rat Pack but quickly came to dislike his relaxed style of directing actors and his perfectionism in composing the CinemaScope imagery.

He also took against the intrusively starstruck residents of Madison, Indiana, but he holds this ensemble melodrama together, as a cynical writer with a foot on either side of the tracks.

Dave Hirsh
Frank Sinatra
Bama Dillert
Dean Martin
Ginny Moorhead
Shirley MacLaine
Gwen French
Martha Hyer
Frank Hirsh
Arthur Kennedy
Edith Barclay
Nancy Gates
Agnes Hirsh
Leora Dana
Dawn Hirsh
Betty Lou Keim
Professor Robert Haven French
Larry Gates
Raymond Lanchak
Steve Peck
Jane Barclay
Connie Gilchrist
Ned Wever
Ned Deacon
George Brengel
Wally Dennis
John Brennan
Hubie Nelson
George Cisar
Ted Harperspoon
Don Haggerty
Judge Baskin
Anthony Jochim
George Huff
Paul Jones
Dewey Cole
Denny Miller
Carmen Phillips
Virginia Stevens
Janelle Richards
Ric Roman
Sister Mary Joseph
Marion Ross
George E. Stone
Mrs Stevens
Geraldine Wall

Vincente Minnelli