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Son of Ali Baba (1952)

Kashma Baba (Tony Curtis), son of Ali Baba (Morris Ankrum), is a cadet at the Persian Imperial Military Academy. His best friend is Mustafa (William Reynolds) and his bitter enemy is Hussein (Hugh O’Brian), son of the Caliph of Baghdad (Victor Jory).

The grasping Caliph seeks to acquire Ali Baba’s great wealth. To accomplish this, he has evolved a nefarious scheme that hinges on him kidnapping the Princess Azura (Piper Laurie), fiancée of the Shah.

Moreover, he holds her mother hostage to ensure that the princess obeys him.

The Caliph foresees that Kashma Baba and Princess Azura will fall in love, and succeeds in his scheme to make it appear that Ali Baba is responsible for the kidnapping. But he has reckoned without the versatile Kashma and the intrepid Sons of the Forty Thieves.

Kashma Baba
Tony Curtis
Princess Azura of Fez/Kiki
Piper Laurie
Susan Cabot
William Reynolds
Hugh O’Brian
Victor Jory
Captain Youssef
Gerald Mohr
Robert Barrat
Leon Belasco
Ali Baba
Morris Ankrum

Kurt Neumann