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Son Of Paleface (1952)

A mild-mannered Harvard graduate goes out to the Wild West seeking the fortune left him by his late father, only to find himself fending off the old man’s angry creditors.

The only way he can save himself from the mob is by pretending his father has left a fortune buried in the nearby hills – a story that attracts the attention of an infamous female bandit.

In this very funny follow-up to The Paleface (1948) – one of the rare cases of a sequel being better than the original – Bob Hope plays his own son, a cowardly dude who gets entangled with Jane Russell’s bandit, who sings in a saloon called ‘The Dirty Shame’.

Roy Rogers is delightfully self-mocking, particularly when singing A Four-Legged Friend to his horse, Trigger.

All the clichés of the western are played for laughs by director Frank Tashlin, a former animator who sets up many of the sequences like a cartoon, especially the scene in which Hope finds himself sharing a bed with Trigger.

Junior Potter
Bob Hope
Jane Russell
Roy Barton
Roy Rogers
Bill Williams
Harry Von Zell
Lyle Moraine
Doc Lovejoy
Lloyd Corrigan
Ebeneezer Hawkins
Paul E. Burns
Sheriff McIntyre
Douglass Dumbrille
Indian Chief
Iron Eyes Cody
Charles Cooley
Cecil B. DeMille
Bing Crosby
Robert L. Welch
Charles Morton
Don Dunning
Jean Willes

Frank Tashlin