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Space Children, The (1958)

Electrical technician Dave Brewster (Adam Williams) takes his wife Anne (Peggy Webber) and their two small boys Bud (Michel Ray) and Ken (Johnny Crawford) to a beachside military base to start a new job on the Eagle Point Missile Project.

The aim of the project is to launch a missile – codenamed the “Thunderer” –  which, once in orbit around the earth, will be capable of launching a nuclear strike at any point on the planet (in case a war develops with the Soviet Bloc or China).

The Brewster boys quickly become friendly with six other children living on the base, all the offspring of scientists and technicians who work there. One night, the children witness a mysterious beam of light from the sky transporting an object to the ground, close to the cave where they are meeting.

Locating the object, they discover a white, pulsating brain-like glob which communicates to them telepathically and appoints Bud, the elder Brewster boy, the leader.

The alien’s objective is to prevent the launch of the “Thunderer”.

The alien glob begins growing at an alarming rate as the children try to convince their parents to get the missile launch stopped. Only Dave Brewster finally sees the light but when he attempts to warn Colonel Alan Manley (Richard Shannon), he becomes speechless and collapses and is sent by the Colonel to a local military hospital for rest and mental observation.

When the adults finally realise the children are telling the truth, concerned scientist Dr Wahrman (Raymond Bailey) tries to reason with the alien glob (now enormous in size) while the children – still under its control – stand together outside its cavernous abode with their arms spread to guard it against the adults.

The alien brain was created by special effects artist Ivyl Burks and used $3,300 of neon lights to create a glowing effect.

Bud Brewster
Michel Ray
Dave Brewster
Adam Williams
Anne Brewster
Peggy Webber
Tim Gamble
Johnny Washbrook
Hank Johnson
Jackie Coogan
Lieutenant Colonel Alan Manley
Richard Shannon
Dr Wahrman
Raymond Bailey
Eadie Johnson
Sandy Descher
Major Thomas
Larry Pennell
Security Officer James
Peter Baldwin
Ty Hardin
Joe Gamble
Russell Johnson
Saul Wahrman
David Bair
Ken Brewster
Johnny Crawford
Phyllis Manley
Eilene Janssen
Peg Gamble
Jean Engstrom
Frieda Johnson
Vera Marshe

Jack Arnold