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Stooge, The (1951)

Bill Miller (Dean Martin) is an unsuccessful Broadway performer until his agent Leo Lyman, (Eddie Mayehoff), convinces him to enhance his singing/accordion act with a stooge – ex stock room boy Ted Rogers (Jerry Lewis) – positioned in the audience to be the butt of Bill’s jokes.

But Ted begins to steal the show and his girlfriend, Genevieve ‘Frecklehead’ Tait, (Marion Marshall), Leo, and even Bill’s wife Mary, (Polly Bergen) tell Bill to make Ted an equal partner.

Bill’s failure to realise that he is actually part of a successful double act finally threatens to alienate everyone close to him and even end his marriage.

Though filmed in 1951, The Stooge was not released until 1953 due to its dramatic theme which made studio execs nervous.

Bill Miller
Dean Martin
Theodore ‘Ted’ Rogers
Jerry Lewis
Mary Turner Miller
Polly Bergen
Genevieve ‘Frecklehead’ Tait
Marion Marshall
Leo Lyman
Eddie Mayehoff
Ben Bailey
Richard Erdman
Mrs Rogers
Frances Bavier
Sam Heinz
Danny Davenport
Mr Sutherland
Charles Evans
Tommy Farrell
Mr Winston
Don Haggerty
Al Borden
Jerry Hausner
Sam Robertson
Percy Helton
Nolan Leary
Frank Darling
Freeman Lusk
Mr Dusick
Eddie Parks
Ms Regan
Mary Treen

Norman Taurog