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Teacher’s Pet (1958)

Cocky, jug-eared and slit-eyed Clark Gable plays a journalist called James Gannon who is asked to lecture at a school for journalism, but when he sees teacher Erica Stone (Doris Day) he decides to enrol as a pupil.

Pretty soon he’s the star of the class. But there’s a rival for Miss Gannon’s affections – a psychology professor called Dr Hugo Pine (Gig Young). Their rivalry leads to a memorable funny scene where the two men try to slip each other Mickey Finns at a nightclub so as to be alone with Erica.

James Gannon
Clark Gable
Erica Stone
Doris Day
Dr Hugo Pine
Gig Young
Peggy DeFore
Mamie Van Doren
Barney Kovac
Nick Adams
Harold Miller
Peter Baldwin
Katy Fuller
Marion Ross
Charles Lane
Jack Albertson
J.R. Ballantyne
Florenz Ames
Lloyd Crowley
Harry Antrim
Edna Kovac
Vivian Nathan

George Seaton