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Teenage Bad Girl (1957)

A British juvenile delinquency drama with excellent acting and direction.

Sylvia Syms plays 17-year-old Janet Carr, the poor unfortunate chick who drops out of business school to spend all her time with Tony (Kenneth Haigh), a teddy boy spiv, and ends up on the wrong side of the law.

Tony casually murders his aunt to get money to finance his wild sprees and Janet makes her mother (Anna Neagle) despair and cry. But all turns out fine in the end.

Tony comes to a bad end and Jan learns her lesson after having committed only a few misdemeanours. Mother and daughter come back together in a tear-stained reunion.

Husband and wife team Herbert Wilcox and Dame Anna Neagle (he as director, she as star) churned out a long series of highly profitable British films in the 1950s, most of which were earnest period dramas.

Released as My Teenage Daughter in some markets.

Valerie Carr
Anna Neagle
Janet Carr
Sylvia Syms
Hugh Manning
Norman Wooland
Sir Joseph
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Tony Ward Black
Kenneth Haigh
Poppet Carr
Julia Lockwood
Aunt Louisa
Helen Haye
Aunt Bella
Josephine Fitzgerald
Wanda Ventham
Sir Henry
Michael Shepley
Avice Landone
Michael Meacham
Ballard Berkeley
Miss Ellis
Edie Martin
Myrette Morven

Herbert Wilcox