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Teenagers from Outer Space (1959)

This ultra-low-budget sci-fi film starred a young alien called “Derek” (David Love) who falls for Betty Morgan (Dawn Anderson), a pretty teenage Earth girl.

The pair team up to thwart the plans of his invading cohorts, who intend to use Earth as a food-breeding ground for Gargons – giant lobsters from their planet.

The invaders arrive in a flying saucer carrying deadly ray guns that turn Earth-people into skeletons. Unfortunately, a single medical skeleton was used for every dead body in the film and a hook on the head and identification markings in permanent marker on the hip can clearly be seen in almost every scene.


It’s a masterpiece of awfulness – The acting is terrible, the dialogue is even worse, and the “teenagers” are all in their mid-20s to early-30s.

Tom Graeff was on such a tight budget that the film’s ultimate weapon, the ‘focusing disintegrator’, was actually a Hubley’s ‘Atomic Disintegrator’ toy cap gun with a flashbulb added as a beam. In some scenes, the word “Hubley’s” can clearly be seen embossed on the side of the gun.

Released in the UK as The Gargon Terror.

David Love
Betty Morgan
Dawn Anderson
Bryan Grant
Gramps Morgan
Harvey B. Dunn
Joe Rogers
Tom Graeff
Spacecraft Captain
Robert King Moody
Nurse Morse
Helen Sage
Dr C.R. Brandt MD
Frederic Welch
Alice Woodward
Sonia Torgeson
Professor Simpson
James Conklin
Alien Leader
Gene Sterling
Moreal – Spaceship Crew
Ralph Lowe
Saul – Spaceship Crew
Bill DeLand
Ursula Hansen
Dr Mason
Don Chambers
Bob Regas

Tom Graeff