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Ten Seconds to Hell (1959)

A group of German prisoners of war – Eric Koertner (Jack Palance), Karl Wirtz (Jeff Chandler), Wolfgang Sulke (Wes Addy), Franz Loeffler (Robert Cornthwaite), Peter Tillig (Dave Willock) and Hans Globke (Jim Goodman) – return to Berlin at the end of WWII as part of a British Army demolition squad, disarming unexploded bombs.

They agree to pool their earnings on a basis of survivor take all.

Although Ten Seconds To Hell was produced by Hammer Films, it is possibly the most atypical Hammer film ever.

And despite being about German soldiers – and supposedly set in Berlin – there’s not a German (or German accent) in the cast!

Eric Koertner
Jack Palance
Karl Wirtz
Jeff Chandler
Margot Hofer
Martine Carol
Franz Loeffler
Robert Cornthwaite
Peter Tillig
Dave Willock
Wolfgang Sulke
Wes Addy
Hans Globke
Jim Goodwin
Frau Bauer
Virginia Baker
Major Haven
Richard Wattis
Ruth Sulke
Nancy Lee
Michael Pate

Robert Aldrich