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Tender Trap, The (1955)

Charlie Reader (Frank Sinatra) is a successful theatre agent. He is also successful with young ladies.

One day he is visited by his oldest friend Joe McCall (David Wayne), married with three children.

Joe falls in love with Charlie’s girl Sylvia (Celeste Holm) while Charlie spends his time with young actress Julie Gillis (Debbie Reynolds).

Julie has other plans, however. She wants to marry by the 12th of next March (her parents’ anniversary), have a child, move to Scarsdale, and raise two more children. High schools and colleges are pre-selected.


Charlie Y. Reader
Frank Sinatra
Julie Gillis
Debbie Reynolds
Joe McCall
David Wayne
Sylvia Crewes
Celeste Holm
Jessica Collins
Jarma Lewis
Poppy Masters
Lola Albright
Carolyn Jones
Mr Sayers
Howard St. John
Sol Z. Steiner
Joey Faye
Mr Loughran
Tom Helmore
James Drury

Charles Walters